Monday, November 19, 2012

new design

We're working on some new ideas for our look. What do you think? My idea was to try and allude to all sciences simply. What do we all have in common? Well, we use our brains. The brain in a vat of course, also alludes to Descartes' demon, and the whole 'mad scientist' thing. Brains are good for symbolizing all theoretical science, and also represent biology. The beaker alludes to chemistry, and all measurement or experimental science. The tools, the pencil, the paintbrush and the needle and thread, are supposed to represent all the creative endeavours of our members. Even if they use something other than these three, say a computer or metalworking tools, for instance, they probably use a pencil too. The way the light is refracted at the boundary of the fluid is an allusion to physics. The layout alludes to Leonardo's Vesuvian man too... and we all know that Leonardo would have been the ultimate MSOEr, as both scientist and artist. The banner also incorporates the Logistic map, tying in mathematics, chaos theory, and biology or ecology (as it can be used to model population dynamics).

We've also been playing with the typefaces and moving towards a cleaner overall look.

The hope is to revitalize this blog and see more regular posts!

1 comment:

Le VĂ©lo Noir said...

I like it! It's been a while since I popped 'round and I must say that my eyes widened when I saw the new format.


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