Sunday, November 20, 2011

Science Tattoos!

Scientists getting inked.  I don't have any tattoos (yet), but I think all of these are awesome.  However, when it comes to tattoos, I am a sucker for simple line art (colors fade and get weird).  This one is probably my favorite:

From the article: "Lauren Caldwell’s tribute to Giovanni de’ Dondi’s 1364 Il Tractatus Astarii, the first famous Astrarium, which is a mechanical planetarium that mimics the paths of the stars and planets. In other words, it's an astronomical clock. Archimedes used a primitive model, but the first real working astrarium clock is credited to de Dondi. The backpiece here is the Mercury Wheelwork."

Are any of you inked?  What science concept do you lends itself to the best tattoos?


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