Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its a Mad Scientist's Holiday!

October's theme challenged team members to come up with holiday themed items ala 'mad science' style. There were many great entries for all the fall and winter holidays! Currently they are being featured in an Etsy treasury!

The treasury expires Tuesday morning so please go visit!

As always you get to vote for your favorite entry on our blog poll, so go vote after checking these fab entries out!

jackbear's Frankenstein ACEO

buffalonerdproject's Five Depression Era-inspired Science Nerd Ornaments

minouette's Natural History Ornaments

molecularmuse's ginger - zingerone molecule - holiday ornament

ScienceKitty's Pipette Tip Earrings

janssendesigns' death tour Halloween recycled upcycled shirt

Monday, October 5, 2009

Biology and Math combine... create our "Annual Rings" and "Fractal Geometry" challenges!

Annual rings in trees often represent a tree's growth each year, and can often give clues to the enviromental conditions over the years. Fractals, in the most basic sense, can be thought of as a shape made up of smaller copies of the same shape (ie a triangle made of of other triangles), and these fractals can be found in every day life, espeically in nature.

So this time we have two different challenges to vote for! We have entries for the annual ring challenge from:




And our Fractal Geometry entries from:




And be sure to check out our Etsy treasury, which will be up until Wednesday (Oct 7), featuring these and other great team items!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Its Astronomical!

The talent of the Mad Scientists of Etsy that is! In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, July's challenge was a mix of NASA/Apollo/space themes. So check out these great entries, then pick your favorite by voting on our poll!






As always you can find these and previous challenge entries on Etsy by searching for "msoeteam challenge" as well as other great items by our team members by searching for "msoe team".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Easy as G C T A

June's theme featured a famous scientist, and this month was Rosalind Franklin. While you may have heard of Watson and Crick, who identified the double helix structure of DNA, it was actually thanks to Rosalind Franklin whose x-ray crystallography data allowed them to make their discovery. However it took many years before the role of Rosalind was revealed, as Watson and Crick were rather reticient with this info. Although Watson and Crick received the Nobel in 1962 (in addition to Maurice Wilkins) for their work, sadly Rosalind had already past away from cancer and thus was not part of the award (the Nobel is never awarded posthumously). So several of our team members took on the challenge to interpret this theme and celebrate the life of a scientist whose groundbreaking work is often overlooked.

This month's entries include





Please take the time while you're here to vote for your favorite entry on our poll!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mmmm... tastes like chicken!

Ok, so maybe none of the fab entries for the team's Ornithology challenge are edible, but they're still pretty tasty viewing :D

No treasury yet on Etsy (they're harder to nab more than ever!) so this time we're going with a bit of a different layout this month so you all still get a sneak peak of all the entries :)

UPDATE: Thanks to ginpins who nabbed us a twest treasury! Check it out!

Be sure to vote for your favorite in our monthly poll here on our blog!











And you can find more great team member items on Etsy by searching for "msoe team" and other challenge entries by searching for "msoeteam challenge"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some ferocious entries for the Cretaceous challenge!

The challenge theme for April was the Cretaceous Period, which occurred about 145.5 to 65.5 million years ago. While many think of dinosaurs or the large meteorite impact around the end of the Cretaceous, quite a lot of other things happened during this time. The earliest known fossil of a flowering plant (Archaefructus liaoningensis) is from this time period; other flowers such as orchids also first occurred during the Cretaceous. Insects diversified greatly, and a sort of coevolution between flowering plants and insects such as bees is thought to have occurred.

We had quite the diversity of entries for the challenge as well!

Polymath - Diatom bowl

NorthStarJewelry - Dinosaur Bone Necklace

minouette - Euoplocephalus linocut

gooseEatFox - Baby Dinosaur Purse

AleciaV - Cretaceous Ocean ACEO

jackbear - T-Rex Fail Stamp

inalather - Sweet Honey Magnolia Granola Bar Soap

Ulixis - Cretaceous Bees Brass Necklace

pandphomemades - Ginkgo biloba Leaf Hand Embroidery
and Ginkgo sp. Fossil Hand Embroidery

iWunder - The Dude Scarf

Some really fab entries this month - be sure to vote for your fav just by visiting on poll here on the team blog! And if you haven't yet, check out the team's treasury on Etsy, which will be up until Thursday afternoon!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

On the Origin of Mad Scientists...

This month's challenge was Darwin, to celebrate the year of Darwin! And since the voting for last month's favorite challenge was so successful, we're doing it again! So check out the poll here on the team's blog and vote for your favorite entry! The winner will receive not only bragging rights, but a right cool graphic to use too!

Here's all of our great entries for the Darwin challenge:

kwinkelerphotos - Darwin Award Honorable Mention Bumper Sticker

buffalonerdproject - Galapagos Finch Cat Toys

DuhBe - Darwin's Grandeur - embroidered boucle blazer

minouette - Darwin on Galapagos Lino Block Print

Arctida - Mirror Mirror on the wall - ACEO

jackbear - Evolve Stamp

auntcindysattic - Giraffe Tracks Drag Around Quilt

scientificculture - Charles Darwin Finger Puppets

And don't forget to go check out our Etsy treasury and click and comment on all the wonderful items there!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is that a FUNGUS in your pocket...

We had a bumper crop of entries for the team's Feb "mycology" challenge! For those who aren't in the know, mycology is the study of fungus. We have mushrooms aplenty plus other great fugus inspired items!

And for the first time you (that's right, YOU) can vote for your favorite entry! The winner gets bragging rights as well as an awesome graphic to use! Check out the entries, then vote in our poll hosted on this blog.
Items can be viewed in the treasuries until late Sat/early Sunday on Etsy, in our Flickr pool, or click on the individual listings below!

Here's all our fab entries:
AliciaMae - Mushroom and toadstool polymer clay pushpins

Bijoutery - Shrooms – black and white photo

buffalonerdproject - Fungus Amongus Mushroom tote bag

buttonbowerbird - Earth star tea cosy

clairepayne - Knitting needle case

DuhBe - Upcycled Silk Skirt with Fairies and mushrooms

ginpins - Porcelain Mushroom Earrings

inalather - Luna Azul Granola Bar Soap

iWunder Mushroom - Skinny Scarflette

jackbear - Mushroom Stamp Set

kwinkelerphotos - Into the Forest ACEO

marinebiochic07 - Amanita muscaria Mushroom ACEO

MaverickJewelry - Crystal Mushroom Earrings

minouette - Fly Agaric 1st Edition Linoleum Block Print

pandphomemades "Fantasies in Microbiology" Candida piece

Polymath - Amanita Muscaria inspired asymmetric necklace
- Amanita Muscaria inspired earrings
- Amanita Muscaria inspired drop necklace

SafetyThird - Mushroom Shirts

scientificculture - Mycology Gnome Finger Puppets

sweettweelab - 10 Vintage Exotic Mushroom Plates
- Mushroom Forest Mixed Media Art Piece

tstellanova - Mushroom Necklace

tyarkoni - Penicillium, assemblage and original art

Ulixis - Red Capped Ringed Fungus 3D MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE

And as always you can find our teams items by searching on Etsy for "msoe team" or check out our other fab challenge entries by searching "msoeteam challenge"!

Monday, February 23, 2009


The Mad Scientists of Etsy team was recently exposed as part of VickiDianeDesigns' "Artists of Etsy Exposed" treasuries! You can check out the treasury on Etsy until Thursday morning at

And a pic for posterity - We're a rather good looking group aren't we :)

A big thanks to Vicki for making our team a part of her treasuries! And thanks to Alecia (Arctida) for helping to organize this!


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