Monday, May 4, 2009

Some ferocious entries for the Cretaceous challenge!

The challenge theme for April was the Cretaceous Period, which occurred about 145.5 to 65.5 million years ago. While many think of dinosaurs or the large meteorite impact around the end of the Cretaceous, quite a lot of other things happened during this time. The earliest known fossil of a flowering plant (Archaefructus liaoningensis) is from this time period; other flowers such as orchids also first occurred during the Cretaceous. Insects diversified greatly, and a sort of coevolution between flowering plants and insects such as bees is thought to have occurred.

We had quite the diversity of entries for the challenge as well!

Polymath - Diatom bowl

NorthStarJewelry - Dinosaur Bone Necklace

minouette - Euoplocephalus linocut

gooseEatFox - Baby Dinosaur Purse

AleciaV - Cretaceous Ocean ACEO

jackbear - T-Rex Fail Stamp

inalather - Sweet Honey Magnolia Granola Bar Soap

Ulixis - Cretaceous Bees Brass Necklace

pandphomemades - Ginkgo biloba Leaf Hand Embroidery
and Ginkgo sp. Fossil Hand Embroidery

iWunder - The Dude Scarf

Some really fab entries this month - be sure to vote for your fav just by visiting on poll here on the team blog! And if you haven't yet, check out the team's treasury on Etsy, which will be up until Thursday afternoon!

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