Thursday, December 9, 2010

November Challenge: Niels Bohr

The subject of the Mad Scientists of Etsy November Challenge was Danish physicist Niels Bohr (1885-1962). Bohr is an obvious choice - the Nobel laureate not only was one of the central figures of 20th century quantum mechanics, inventor of Bohr model of the atom (moreorless how we now conceive of atomic structure), godfather of the Copenhagen interpretation, he was known for his generousity, open-mindedness, and clear ethics (which cannot convincingly be said of all of his contemporaries). He advocated sharing knowledge and the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He was also known for taking long walks and thinking out-loud. Sadly, he was also notoriously crytic in his pronouncements. I often wondered about what Mrs. Bohr thought, faced with his incessant rambling on the interpretation of quantum mechanics. Check out some of the great handmade items he inspired!

Niels Bohr pendant by HappyFallout

Niels Bohr Blockprint by minouette

Blue and White Lampwork Bracelet (Atomic Blue) by EarthDogStudio

Wall Clock with Stars and Posies by marcympc


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