Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Pi (π) Day!

Who doesn't love pi, or π (or pie for that matter)? On March 14 (which can be written 3/14) we celebrate the world's most famous irrational number, so central to geometry, trigonometry, calculus, Fourier Analysis... you name it. If it's mathematical, it needs more π. This number's popularity, and the mysteriousness of being irrational, transcends mathematics. Check out some of these great items from the Mad Scientists of Etsy, which celebrate pi!

Let's make some pi apron by buffalonerdproject

2piR - Circumference of a Circle Formula Necklace in Copper and Brass by nikhajewelry

Tiny Handstamped Round Copper I Love Pi Geeky Charm, Pendant, Keychain, Zipper Pull or Bag Tag by anandi

Math Jewelry - Pi Seafoam and Tan Impression Jasper Cuff by Kokoba

And for your Pi Day viewing and listening pleasure:

The video was produced by Austin-based musician Michael John Blake via the New Scientist magazine.


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