Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is that a FUNGUS in your pocket...

We had a bumper crop of entries for the team's Feb "mycology" challenge! For those who aren't in the know, mycology is the study of fungus. We have mushrooms aplenty plus other great fugus inspired items!

And for the first time you (that's right, YOU) can vote for your favorite entry! The winner gets bragging rights as well as an awesome graphic to use! Check out the entries, then vote in our poll hosted on this blog.
Items can be viewed in the treasuries until late Sat/early Sunday on Etsy, in our Flickr pool, or click on the individual listings below!

Here's all our fab entries:
AliciaMae - Mushroom and toadstool polymer clay pushpins

Bijoutery - Shrooms – black and white photo

buffalonerdproject - Fungus Amongus Mushroom tote bag

buttonbowerbird - Earth star tea cosy

clairepayne - Knitting needle case

DuhBe - Upcycled Silk Skirt with Fairies and mushrooms

ginpins - Porcelain Mushroom Earrings

inalather - Luna Azul Granola Bar Soap

iWunder Mushroom - Skinny Scarflette

jackbear - Mushroom Stamp Set

kwinkelerphotos - Into the Forest ACEO

marinebiochic07 - Amanita muscaria Mushroom ACEO

MaverickJewelry - Crystal Mushroom Earrings

minouette - Fly Agaric 1st Edition Linoleum Block Print

pandphomemades "Fantasies in Microbiology" Candida piece

Polymath - Amanita Muscaria inspired asymmetric necklace
- Amanita Muscaria inspired earrings
- Amanita Muscaria inspired drop necklace

SafetyThird - Mushroom Shirts

scientificculture - Mycology Gnome Finger Puppets

sweettweelab - 10 Vintage Exotic Mushroom Plates
- Mushroom Forest Mixed Media Art Piece

tstellanova - Mushroom Necklace

tyarkoni - Penicillium, assemblage and original art

Ulixis - Red Capped Ringed Fungus 3D MIXED-MEDIA COLLAGE

And as always you can find our teams items by searching on Etsy for "msoe team" or check out our other fab challenge entries by searching "msoeteam challenge"!


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