Monday, March 8, 2010

There's nothing to get your feather's ruffled about!

Especially not with these entries for the MSOE February challenge theme - feathers!

This month's theme was inspired by the identification of colour of some feathers on dinosaurs and early birds for the first time. The researchers found melanosomes in fossilized feathers, which are "color-bearing organelles buried within the structure of feathers and hair in modern birds and mammals, giving black, grey, and rufous tones such as orange and brown". They also found phaeomelanosomes, which result in rufous and brown colours. By finding these, for the first time we know what some of the colors of dinosaurs were!
Read more about it on Science Daily!

This inspired some wonderful and creative items by our team!

Sweettweelab - Otus the Screech Owl 1950s Ephemera Book Page

Minouette - Block Printed Feather Brooch

CreturFetur - Playful Kea

iWunder - Luxury art yarn moebius cowl

Ulixis - Feathers CARD SET

Jackbear - Penguin Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

AliciaMae - Decorative or small masquerade black feather mask

Scientificculture - Felt Feather Brooch

Tyarkoni - Heart No. 7, Hand Drawn Feathers, Frameable Art Card

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Check back next month for our March challenge theme - entomology!

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love the heart by tyarkoni


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