Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Even Mad Scientists Need A Little Love...

A bumper crop of entries for the 'Mad Scientists' Valentine' challenge! Featuring items with a science theme, or any Valentine's Day gift a mad scientist would love :)

clairepayne - Lavender Heart Sachets

minouette - Thinking of You Valentine IV Card

buffalonerdproject - Shiga toxin sweetheart half apron

molecularmuse - Dopamine Heart & Pearl Valentine's Day Necklace

jvdarcy - Hand Drawn Valentine's Day Cards

tyarkoni - Valentine, Hand Drawn Honeycomb, Art Card

iWunder - Hot Pink Glam Cowl

jackbear - Tell Tale Heart ACEO - Alternative Valentine

CNJceramics - Red Love Birds

bijoutery - Brown Ceramic Heart Necklace

scientificculture - Love Robot Coffee Sleeve

maidstonejewelry - Valentine's heart pendent
- Heartlinks
- Heart diamond ring

janssendesigns - Valentines Day puppy love wreath

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