Sunday, August 3, 2008

Platypus Challenge Treasury!

Our team challenge for July was the Platypus - a great choice seeing as this creature could practically be our team mascot! Recent genome research showed that the platypus is a conglomeration of a variety of organisms, having genes from mammals, birds, even reptiles! I kind of like to think the MSOE is a similar conglomeration of scientists and artists :)

This month we have entries from:
Skydragons - Flatypus
FurWillFly - Purple Pete the Plush Platypus
pandphomemades - Platypus Cloth Tote
sweettweelab - Platypus Taxonomy Wire Sculpture
buffalonerdproject - Evolution of the Platypus Totebag
deWiUK - Platypus Genome Bracelet

Check out the platypus entries in our treasury as well as other great items from the team (it'll be up til 1am EST on Etsy)!

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